EZ Tracker provides a customizable test data warehouse and student assessment system
designed to easily track student data and monitor instructional effectiveness.

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EZ Test TrackerEZ Test Tracker

EZ Test Tracker provides administrators and teachers with a comprehensive history of test data for each student within a powerful yet simple-to-use analysis tool.

  • Test data warehouse customized to your district’s needs
  • Teacher access to current student data
  • Data uploading services provided

EZ AssessmentEZ Assessment

EZ Assessment enables districts, schools and teachers to create and administer common assessments, online or offline, and intuitively analyze the data to improve instruction. Add-on test content includes:

  • Certica Formative Assessment Item Bank Details

    This item bank is a repository of over 72,000 high-quality, standards-based items covering K-12 Math and English/Language Arts, 3-12 Science, and 8-12 Social Studies. It is designed to create formative assessments at the district and classroom levels. Over 51,000 items align to CCSS Math and ELA standards.

  • Pearson CCSS Native Item Bank Details

    This item bank contains over 27,000 common core native items, developed on industry based practices specifically for CCSS. Areas of coverage include:

    • K-12 ELA
    • K-12 Math
  • Formative Writing Assessment Details

    Formative Writing Assessments measure and develop CCSS writing skills, equipping teachers with meaningful data and activities for planning focused writing instruction.

    FWA will provide:

    • Immediate feedback with automated essay scoring (via the Intellimetric® API)
    • Essays scored with a rubric
    • Assessing the 5 writing domains
    • Individualized revision plans

Need a custom solution? We can custom-fit our applications
to meet the assessment needs of your district.

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district-level administrators
district-level administrators
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building-level administrators
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teachers & faculty
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