Paul Shelly
Paul Shelly

Paul has 15 years of experience in the public schools, including nine years as a school administrator. During that time he served at the elementary, middle, and high school levels of administration and was selected as the Tupelo Public School District’s “Administrator of the Year.” He has been with ELS on a full-time basis since 2004.

Kevin Baer
Kevin Baer

Kevin has over 17 years experience as an IT Professional in a variety of industries. He oversees all IT components of the company including server management, database management and security, and software development. He joined the company on a full-time basis in 2006.

Our History

  • Paul taught for 6 years and served in administration for 9 years. He was named Tupelo Administrator of the Year in 2003. His wife is currently an elementary school administrator.
  • During his 15 years in the public schools, he developed an interest in developing technology solutions that streamlined the work of educators and maximized the use of data.
  • In 2003, Paul Shelly and Kevin Baer, a friend from college and computer programmer, formed Educational Leadership Solutions, and began developing applications that reduced educator workload and increased educator effectiveness. By 2004, Paul went full time with the company.
  • ELS started with EZ Lesson Planner and spending time visiting administrators from around the state to listen to their needs. Additional solutions, like EZ Test Tracker and Student Support Network, were soon added in response to what Mississippi administrators were asking for.
  • Kevin Baer joined full time in 2006 as the company began to grow.
  • EZ Assessment and EZ Evaluation were added to meet the growing data collection and assessment needs of Mississippi schools.
  • Currently 90% of the schools in Mississippi utilized one or more ELS applications, and several districts outside of Mississippi have also using ELS applications. ELS employs 10 people and has offices in both Mississippi and Pennsylvania.

Our Partners

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We believe that easy-to-use technology tools can help educators more effectively and efficiently manage and analyze the ever increasing quantities of student and teacher data. This data holds a key to student success. We also believe that to be effective in schools, technology tools must be streamlined, user-friendly, and able to be mastered in 30 minutes or less. All of our applications are designed with this philosophy in mind.



Student assessment made easy with first rate item
banks, a customized test data warehouse, and
intuitive data analysis tools.


Assess Better


Efficiently gather and utilize information and data
while reducing time consuming paperwork.


Get Productive